The painting as a game

Some prized criticals or any art´s executor decreets the painting´s death periodically; but after this , the tenacious painters do not decrease their disposals as well as their mourn or funeral rites that would be the severity before the fatal diagnosis.

In a period of actual civilization in which the proliferation of virtual images seem to confirm the regular examinations on the paintings; Jesus Lima Morales arises as an artist (bornt in Puebla city, Mexico, 1985) who has had a persevering and wonderful work which means for him not only to cover with pigments on a canvas surface but to manifest himself his pictoric art.

After ten years of a brilliant trajectory path, Jesus Lima cultivates the elements of a contemporary visual culture which seems apparently lethal to keep on his paintings the vitality and dynamism in all his creative work.

From the inconvenient finding between two images of the most diverse origin, the painter Lima Morales provides to all his creations a ludic disposition to affirm the painting’s life in which all manifestations tend to be a soon sardonic laugh or a comment where an ironic smile suddenly appears in the fixation of some instants that the stupor preceeds an imminent revelation of a daily mystery.

A subversive affection and a question gravitates over the imaginery of this scrupulous Mexican painter: How to give a traditional technique to a sense that requires the actual technology as a disposition in our society?

Lima Morales answers this predicament with two aspects on his paintings: on one hand, the explosive combination of symbols and signs which the historical precedence blows up in all kinds of reflexions over the condition of an “image mundi”; on the other hand; the meticulous studio and the isolation of inanimated emblems whose inorganic condition contributes - by means of paradoxes – to discover the latent vitality in the painting art, more than in signs and icons used to give a breath – artificially ostentatious- in the work which has been decreed clinically extincted in so many times.

The poetic on the contrastive that Jesus Lima applies on his production is not new neither unusual; it seems, as much insistence as he gives to certain critic and some imaginative sector buries the painting corpus, a more vigorous resistance is opposite to few artists on playing the existence to persevere in a work that was declared exhaustive, and claims a soul as well as a heart from the creators to ratify his excellent mental health

Jorge Pech Casanova.